Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gratuitous Isaac Pictures

Isaac is growing his hair out. He wants to have hair like Legolas. I'm trying to explain that his hair is wavy and dark brown - it will never be blonde and straight without a lot of chemicals and daily hot iron sessions. I said that he could certainly look like Frodo, but no, he wants to be a blonde. Sigh.

Lately he's becoming frustrated with his bangs almost getting in his eyes. He has an eye-poking phobia (genetically passed on by me apparently), and he can't stand anything near his eyes. He wants me to cut only the bangs and leave the rest. I have tried to explain the serious evilness of mullets, but he doesn't quite get it.

Notice the infamous knapsack.


Maddie's Nannie said...

What a beautiful child. I always thought he looked like his daddy but in these photos I see so much of you, Katie.

Zeenat said...

I agree! I can also tell from these pictures that he looks a lot like you! Love his hair!!