Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fulbright conference pictures

One of our activities during the conference was to go to area high schools and talk about the Fulbright program. Most of the conference attendees were foreign Fulbrighters visiting the US, but each group had one US Fulbright alum. My group went to Nicholas Senn High School and I thought it was a great experience. Don't be deceived by the beautiful facade on this high school - it's a struggling Chicago school. The students were very attentive, however, and I was relieved that not all high school students are as apathetic as the ones in Montello.

On Saturday we had a "dinner cruise" where we boarded a ship and sailed around Lake Michigan for a few hours. We also had a "Student Entertainment Evening" where the talented people among us got up and performed. One of the greatest moments was when these four people got up and did a great blues jam session. One dude had an electric guitar, another was on the acoustic, and yet another played the clarinet. Then my new friend Erin added her beautiful voice. It was so rad!

Here's a better picture of Erin...and my huge chin. Erin was a US Fulbrighter to Canada last year. She lives in Portland now and is working on a PhD in Urban Studies.

The German students dominated the conference. I think there were 13 of them total. They got up and sang some tunes in German and it was pretty hilarious, especially since they force a dude from Turkey and another dude from Afghanistan to join them!

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