Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bangla translation please...

I know I have quite a few deshi readers out there. I'm hoping that one of you can direct me to a website or other source that can provide me with a translation of a Rabindranath song...or just make it up yourself :-)

Specifically (please excuse the terrible English spelling of this song - I'm not skilled enough at BanglaWord yet - does Blogger even support Bangla fonts?) "Amar Nishitho Ratero Badolo Dhara"

Here are the words, as far as I can understand them. I can get the general drift of the song but I'd love a good translation. (Again, please excuse the bad English spellings.) And yes, I know my husband is Bengali and should be able to do this for me, but there is an issue with patience. I guess I ask for too much detail.

And I've tried to look each word up in my Bangla-English dictionary, but the last line translates to "Give safety to my eye water" and I know that can't be right. Rabindranath was a much better poet than that. (Maybe it means "Protect me from my tears"???)

Amar nishitho ratero badolo dhara, Esho hey goponey,
Amar shopono loke disha hara
Ogo ondhokarer ontorodhan
Dao theke mor porano mon
Ami chai ney topon, chai ney tara
Jokhon shobai mogon ghumero ghore
Niyo go, niyo go
Amar ghum niyo go, harano kore
Ekla ghore chupey, chupey
Esho keybol surer rupey
Diyo go, diyo go
Amar choker joler diyo shara

Here is my lame attempt: Don't laugh.

My enchanting night of rushing rain
Come to my hiding place
In my universe of dreams I lose my composure
Oh, heart of darkness, from you comes the poet's mind
I don't ask for the sun, I don't ask for the stars
When all are submerged in sleep
Take it, take it, take my sleep, I am lost
Alone and silent in the room
Let the beauty of the light come instantly
Give it, give it
Protect me from my tears


Mahbub said...

You did well. I just did some corrections.

My drizzle of dark mid-night
come to me secretly.
In my universe of dreams I lose my composure.
Oh, heart of darkness,
possess my soul and heart,
I don't need the sun or the stars.

When all are deep in sleep
Take it, take it, rob my sleep.
I am alone in the room, come to me silently as a sweet melody.
Please, please respond to me,
to my sorrow and tears.

Katie said...

Thank you Bhai! What a beautiful translation!

rumi said...

katie put this translation in

This is an wonderful bangla blog site. You even can write bangla there!!
Post this translation, you will sure get some authentic feedback.

BTW, I read your whole blog in one sitting. You are wonderful story teller.

Greetings to Masud bhai.

Stop by if you visit Milwaukee.