Friday, June 03, 2005

Almost, almost...

Only 4 days to lift off...I'm tearing up regularly now. I've been spending my last days in Bangladesh dabbing Caladryl on Page's sores, but I've ventured out a few times. Every time I see someone, I have to go through this long, drawn-out and torcherous Bengali goodbye. It usually involves lots of hand holding (actually, desperate hand grabbing), and the phrase "Ar ashben na?" (You won't come again?) Sigh...melodrama is not my bag, baby. But, as tedious as saying goodbye is, sometimes I get really sucked into it. I have used a good number of tissues, that's for sure.

I only have a few things left on my list - since Page can't go out, I have been putting them off. She is going to venture out with me tomorrow, though. We have to buy her a long sleeved shirt to wear to the airport. I don't think the airline will stop her from flying, but just in case, we're going to downplay the whole "open sore" spectacle.

I still have to say my final goodbyes at the office (sniffle), and I have the feeling I'll be dramatized to the very end. But I'll be going (coming?) home soon, which will be a relief. I'll be leaving my "colijar tukra" (a piece of my heart) in Bangladesh, though.

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Mad (Flat)-Hatter said...

a bangladeshi here. YES bangladesh ROCKS. I loved your blog. I am in the U.S. now and missing home like crazy.. Bangladesh is my KOLIJA!!