Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Pox!

I can't believe it. Page came all the way around the world and it looks like she is going to end up spending most of her time in bed. We're pretty sure she has chicken pox. We're going to take her to the doctor tonight just to make sure it's not leprosy or something (don't worry, mom, I was just trying to be shocking. It's not leprosy.), but I think the little fluid filled bumps that are erupting all over her body are a pretty sure sign of chicken pox. She feels like crap, too. I feel like crap for her! And I'm hoping the vaccine that Isaac took gave him enough immunity to keep him pox-free for our trip home. That would be a disaster.

I'm so bummed! Our Comilla trip is once again postponed, and we also have to skip Bongo Bazaar, Savar, and the myriad shopping/eating excursions I had planned. To add insult to injury, a super hot heat wave has hit Dhaka this week, and it's absolutely intolerable to go out into the sun. Sigh. We're relegated to my AC room (thank God and Masud for the AC unit). We can't even watch pirated DVD's because the player broke. WahhhhH!

Well, I have eleven days left, anyways, so I'm looking on the bright side. I'll be home and happily sleeping mosquito net free in less than two weeks. Subway sandwiches will be available. I can breathe fresh air and eat dill pickles to my hearts content. Sigh. The joys of America.

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