Thursday, May 19, 2005

Page is here!

Well, she survived, despite all of our worrying. I saw her first in the line at the immigration counter and I just wanted to break through all the glass that separated us and squeeze her to death. But it wasn't to be, as she didn't realize that it was okay for her to butt in front of the people who butted in front of her in line. Then her luggage didn't make it here from Dubai, so it was another hour to get that straightened out. When she finally made it through the gates, I screamed and grabbed her, much to the horror of the onlookers (women being loud in public). She got in the car and rolled up her jeans. It's hot here.

I just asked her to give me five things that she finds amazing...

1) How fluent I am in Bangla (oh yeah!)
2) How everyone stares at her (and calls her Madam).
3) The slavery system.
4) How everyone is infatuated with fair skin.
5) How people drive here and don't die.

Since she's been here, we've already had a strike, so we've mostly stayed home. The next few days should be fun, though, as I've got some excursions planned. I'll keep you posted. For now, enjoy the pictures.

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somewhatdamaged said...

Your too cool page thats all there is to it I'm surprised your coming back. But when you do I'll have the bigger smile thats for sure. Other than the bagage problem I'm glad you made it there ok. Maybe I'll see you online (on yahoo, on the weekend, sunday or monday nights (forme) ) whew anyway atleast you 2 are having fun together. I'll try to stay updated on the journey.