Sunday, May 08, 2005

30 Days

I finally got to sleep in a little today, and I've been happy about it all day. I was very productive as a result, and managed to pack another suitcase as well as "analyze" some data. I managed to realize that I'm not quite sure what I am looking for in my data. It's progress, folks.

I had planned a big trip to Comilla for today, but it fell through as some of my travelling companions were otherwise engaged. We are going to try again next week. Our plan is to talk to rickshaw wallahs, find some rickshaw art painters, buy some art, and take pictures. I also want to buy some more of the famous Comilla "khadi" cloth. It's 100% cotton, hand spun, hand woven, and completely comfortable. It breathes really well in this heat, and I plan to live in it from now on. I have requests from several of my friends here to buy as much as I can carry back for them.

Maya had a CNG accident a couple of weeks ago (can't remember if I mentioned it or not.) Her CNG flipped over, and all seven layers of skin were scraped off of her lower leg. She ended up having to have a skin graft (ouch) and is recovering painfully in Chittagong. I wanted to go visit her this week, but the election is going on there and it's completely unsafe. She's been so lonely over there and I feel so bad for her. She just got over typhoid fever - which was really awful because she had to work through the whole ordeal - and now this accident. Her boss finally gave her time off, but several patients have died because the other doctors can't handle the case load.

Makes me count my blessings.

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