Thursday, September 23, 2004

No turnin' back now!

Today Masud left for Dhaka, and tomorrow at 10 a.m. he will leave on a jet plane, headed back to the land of McDonalds and water heaters. Although I cried when he left, I’m curiously not depressed. I wonder if there will be some kind of delayed reaction, or if it’s just impossible to feel lonely here because of all the people. Seriously, all of my friends and family here are so supportive and absolutely willing to help me in any way possible, I really can’t feel sad for too long. Maya’s husband, Masud-bhai, got on a train this morning at 4:30 so that he could be here in time to spend a little time with my Masud before he left. This kind of thing is typical, not unusual. People here are extremely genuine.

The recent flooding has caused a vegetable shortage in the bazaar, and we’ve had to pay outlandish prices for certain items. Apparently, 50 cents for a kilo of eggplant is really expensive. I haven’t had as much trouble as I anticipated with my food, but Isaac has had a little problem adjusting. Basically, he’s on the “white diet”. Potatoes, rice, noodles, and white bread, each eaten with butter or garlic salt. Sometimes he breaks out of the mold and puts a little dahl on his rice. At least it’s sortof healthy. Today Masud found some carrots in the market – they are what I would consider beyond maturity, huge, round and kindof bitter, but I cut them up into matchsticks and he ate them. I’m hoping that little bit of fiber does its magic overnight.

Well, I’ve been told that I’m getting internet service either Saturday or Sunday. We’ll see how reliable that information is. I’m jonesing for a good surfing session. I’ve got to look up “prickly heat rash”, because I think that’s what Isaacs got covering his entire neck and shoulders. Poor guy, he has such sensitive skin.

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