Sunday, September 26, 2004

If I see one more plate of rice…

I think I’ll explode. My body is systematically rejecting the combination of starchy white rice and spicy, oily curry that I have been forcing myself to eat since I got here. Not that people aren’t good cooks – I’ve had some excellent “niramish” and dahl – but I just can’t digest it any more. Even thinking about it now kindof makes me urpy.

For lunch, I forced myself to eat half a plate of rice and some green bean curry with dahl. I needed the fiber. Then I filled up my stomach with peanut butter on white crackers, both of which I brought from the US. Next week sometime I have to go to Dhaka for the Fulbright orientation, so I’m hoping that I can make a trip to the US Embassy Commissary too. And I’m hoping that they have things like yeast and pizza sauce. I’m going to try to make a pizza on the stovetop and see how that goes. I did manage to find some mozzarella cheese, so all I need is some yeast and the sauce and I’m good to go. Maybe.

Anyways, the electricity only went out for a little while today, so I got quite a bit of work done. I studied some math and vocabulary for the GRE, and finished my first draft of my survey for breastfeeding women. I also read about the English Era of Bangladeshi history. This afternoon we are going to see if we can scrounge up some shorts for Isaac that aren’t made of heavy material, suitable for Minnesota, but not a tropical climate. He’s got prickly heat rash from his neck to his butt. Poor guy. Tonight, the plan is that I will make the “nasta” and feed everyone. I’m thinking Falafel will be impressive yet easily done, since I brought a box mix along.

Masud called from Janesville to say that he made it safe and sound, but our phone and internet got disconnected. I guess he went to a gas station and called me or something. Anyways, he sounded really lonely and that made me cry. He’s extremely worried about us, but I really don’t think he has much to worry about. We’re okay here. The only worry I have is the kamikaze bus rides to Dhaka and the small risk of getting Malaria or Dengue fever. Other than that, ummm, and the incessant consumption of rice, we’re great.

Update: We went shopping tonight and some guy grabbed my butt! I mean, it was definitely more than an accidental brushing, it was a full-fledged, open-handed pinch. Before I could turn around and punch him, he was gone. Next time I’ll be prepared.

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Sajjad said...

Hahahaha.. I laughed my ass off when I read about your experiece with someone pinching your butt... anyways, i was searching google for " how to make jilapi" and your blog came as the first hit. so, I started reading it and i'm fascinated that you actually have been to dhaka!!! I'm sorry that you had such a bad experience but people there aren't really too bad. i'm sure you'd agree. thanks!