Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Welcome Riley

Since my last post was nerdy and a little over the top, here's a new one to take the edge off. [note: I'm no longer on the edge of an anxiety attack, thanks to a chat with my buddy Gina and a hot cup of cocoa.]

Isn't he cute!?? No, I did NOT get another dog. This is my new "nephew", because he now lives with my brother Rob and his girlfriend Lisa. They adopted him from some rescue thingy in Minnesota. Riley looks like he's smirking in the picture, but he's actually got some kind of nerve damage. I hope that his nerve damage was from something nice like a birth canal, not from a mean dude beating him with a stick.

Rob promised that Riley won't eat my puppies when he comes to visit!!!


gina said...

That dog has green spooky eyes :) Perfect for halloween. Thank godness for hot cocoa!

pem said...

dkjfhgadfhsn ga ndfngkjasdgn;la!!!!

I cant freaking wait for Thursday! Did you know Megan and Katie are gonna be there too? Saweet!