Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Night on the Town, and a hard test.

Last night I had to work late so I decided to stay overnight in Madison at my buddy Gina's house. Coincidentally, my friend Kedar was in town. I met Kedar in India while we were both on our Fulbright grants. He's a genius, of course, and now he works for a company that sells "carbon credits" (google it). He and his colleague met me for dinner on State Street, and I felt like I had a bit of a social life at last!

After dinner, Isaac called me bawling because he "just couldn't handle it" that I was not home. Heart...break...

Then I met up with Gina and we took the bus to her house (thank GOD she didn't make me walk again. The girl is all about walking.) I managed to study for a few hours before passing out on her couch (from exhaustion, not drunkenness). THis morning I got to sleep in to a whopping 6:00!! I figured I'd be able to study for my test at work, but it was not to be...

And the test. I did really badly for two reasons:

1) I was over tired, and did not prepare enough. I should have spent some time in the lab on campus going over the commands, but I physically did not have any time! If I had internet at home...whatever.

2) The exam was unreasonable. Who memorizes Unix commands in one week without using them? In real life, when people are learning computers, they usually have a book or notes in front of them that they refer to when they forget a command, but for the test, we were not even allowed to use the computer. We had to write down commands for specific actions. And there were SO MANY commands, and some that we had never gone over in class.

At best I got a C, probably more likely I got a D. Anyone who knows me will understand how freaked out I am about that. But the test is only 10% of the grade, so I can still come out with an A.

Anyway, I'm planning on going to bed IMMEDIATELY upon arriving home. In 4 hours. Wahhh.


gina said...

dude, if it is graded on a curve, you might have gotten a goddamn A!!!

Kedar said...

I should not have taken up your evening when you should have been studying! And for the record, I am NOT a genius, I am merely smarter than the rest of the world. There's a difference, you know. By the way, I went to Howard Zinn's lecture (people had lined up around the block to see him!!) and it was AWESOME. He gives lectures like he's just grandpa sitting at the dinner table, conversing with and offering advice to his kids and grandkids. He also does virtual stand-up comedy with political overtones. What an awesome guy. He wins many points for avoiding stupid pretentious academic terms like "paradigmatic" and "dialectic" and "hegemony." Howie Z rocks the boat, dude.