Tuesday, December 07, 2004

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December 7, 2004
I got a letter from my grandma today. It was great. She even sent a check for $20. I'm sure no bank will take it here, but it was a nice thought anyways. $20 goes a long way here. I miss my gram. I'm homesick! Wahhhh!

Today Isaac and I were walking down Gulshan Ave. and I bought him a Kit Kat. He ate half of it and then didn't want any more, so I told him to give it to some little kids who were sitting on the sidewalk. They were probably 3 and 2. The three year old grabbed it and ran as fast as he could so that the two year old couldn't get it. Isaac was happy that he liked it, but it made me so sad to see the way he devoured it, and then licked the wrapper. God, this poverty is hard to look at up close all the time. I wonder if it's really a good thing for Isaac to see it. He's only four. I want to shelter him from all the pain and suffering in the world. But on the other hand, maybe he'll grow up and want to do something about it.

December 5, 2004
After a month of preparing my PhD application, I’m pretty sick and tired. It’s rough, trying to think of how to convince an admissions committee of how great I am and why they should give me lots of money. My dad says that I should avoid using multi syllabic words because phd holders are all a little dim. Let’s just say he’s not in awe of higher education. Keeps ya grounded anyways.

Besides writing my own eulogy, I’ve been immersing myself in the stack of books that I bought from BARD in Comilla. If I had lots of money and free time, I’d set up some kind of internet system so that all of these books could be available to people in the US. Do I smell a grant opportunity? Maybe? I’m such a nerd!

Today I took Isaac to the Indian High Commission, figuring that we would be able to get our visas and get out of there. I walked straight past the line of 1000 Bangladeshis waiting for their visas - to the line of four foreigners. I figured all I’d have to do is wave my shiny blue American passport and the visa fee under his nose, he’d give me the stamp and we’d all be happy. I was unpleasantly surprised when he asked for documentation of the conference I’m going to attend, so now I have to go and get that documentation, go back on another day (with Isaac, of course), and try again.

But tomorrow all of my plans are down the tubes. Isaac randomly started puking a few hours ago, so I’m out of luck. I’m hoping he just had too many Oreos, but I’m thinking otherwise. I’m not feeling great either, and he was pretty hot and whiney all day. Oh joy.
I’ve been “out” quite a bit lately, and I think my in-laws are wondering if all of these outings are really necessary. They are used to women being home, especially women who have children. Between my language classes, trips to the American Center, Tuesdays and Saturdays at “Sathi”, and all the Pokemon buying sprees, I’m out somewhere pretty much every day. I’m finally starting to feel like I’m getting something done, but I can tell it’s rubbing some people the wrong way. Everyone will be relieved I’m sure, once I get back to Comilla where all of my outings are “supervised”.
Thursday we’re going to Comilla to see the next part of the marriage of Masud’s cousins. We’re missing the groom’s “gaye holud” on Thursday (because we’ll be on the bus to comilla), but we’ll see the “biye”, which is the part that I most wanted to see anyway. I’ll try to remember my camera so I can post pics.

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