Sunday, December 26, 2004

All I want for Christmas is a nice Hartal day!

Today we were all greeted with a nice day off, as several politcal groups have called for a country-wide Hartal in protest of the rising price of gas. Not that I had anywhere to go, but I did end up having a great day!

Yesterday, Tanya and K. and a few of their BRAC buddies came over and we celebrated Christmas, complete with gingerbread cookies, roast beef and mashed potatoes. There was even a gift exchange! Thanks to Tanya for setting that up! Isaac absolutely loved it, and quickly became the center of attention. He went around and asked people if they wanted red or white wine, and then poured and delivered it in paper cups. He had some help, of course, but he was in charge. It was funny.

Is it legal for four-year-olds to serve alcohol? Oops.

As I type this, Masud is busy uploading music on his new iPod (thanks Mom!). He's also packing the mountain of things that I asked my mom to get for him to bring to Bangladesh when he comes in two weeks. I can't wait! Among some of the things I requested are a CD drive, a bread maker, pfefferneus (how the hell do you spell that?), SpongeBob Bandaids, and Neutrogena face lotion. Page also burned me a ton of new CDs, the good stuff that's not available here. Yipee!

Masud will be flying in around 9:30 a.m. on the 8th, and sadly I have to fly to India at 4:00p.m. That means we'll see eachother for an hour or two, that is if his plane is on time. It will be hard to leave him again! But I'm coming back in a week. At least he can hang out with Isaac. Isaac's having Baba withdrawal.

Time to upload some pictures.
Happy Holidays everyone!

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