Sunday, December 19, 2004

Lap o' Luxury

For the past few days, Isaac, Momota and I have been staying in Baridhara in a really really beautiful house. We're house/dog/fish sitting for a woman who works at the American Center. She and her family are on vacay to the states and needed someone to feed the doggy.

"Shada" is sortof a yip-yip dog. She's psychotic, which I usually find amusing in my friends, but she has this odd way of "cuddling" my leg that makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable - if you get my drift. I didn't know girl dogs did that. Anyways, she can't stand Isaac. It's as if she's jealous of him or something. He pretty much stays on the couch when she's around. When he lets his foot touch the floor, she comes a-runnin'.

All of the warm showers and oven baked food has really brought out a major fit of homesickness. I had to let a few tears squeeze out this morning when I woke up on a soft bed, thinking i was in Minnesota, and then realizing that I was still here. Nine months sure is a long time away from my family and friends. It wouldn't be so bad if only Masud could be here with me. We talk every day over the phone, but it's just not the same. I feel like a single parent and I know it's hard on Isaac to be away from his baba. Although he's coming to visit in a few weeks (Jan. 8th), I can only think of how hard it will be when he leaves again. I need to snap out of it!

On a happier note, tomorrow is my birthday. This will be my third birthday celebration in Bangladesh. In 1997, I turned 21 here. Last year, I had to stand on a chair at the Gulshan Pizza Hut (wearing a sari), while the staff sang a weird version of Happy Birthday to me. This year, I'm going to my bhabi's house where she's cooking for me. I'm sure Mithu will call me to say Happy Birthday (he never forgets), and then I'm going out to dinner with Keisuke and Tanya, fellow Fulbrighters. It should serve to lift my spirits. But I wouldn't mind an email or two from my buddies back home!

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