Saturday, December 04, 2010

How I have already mentally spent my financial aid check that I expect to receive in January.

(in no particular order, just as I think of them)
1. Xmas presents (we are all broke and doing xmas in January this year.) $200
2. Isaac's first orthodontic device. Holy expensive. $400 after insurance
3. My 6th crown, costs almost half my monthly salary even with supplemental dental. $650 after insurance
4. A new splint to wear at night so I stop breaking my teeth. $200 after insurance
5. Membership to the Y so Isaac and I can go swimming. $noIdea
6. Isaac's swimming lessons. $20 each
7. Private piano and cello lessons for Isaac $no idea
8. Cello for Isaac (this is part of #1) $200
9. New winter boots $50
10. New clothes (oh my goddess I need them so badly) $200
10a. New clothes for Isaac (needs some new underwear stat.) $200
11. Get piano tuned $100
12. 100,000 mile maintenance on my Honda $300
13. New glasses with my new prescription $50 (this will get 3-4 pairs on
14. Pay off old bills from non-aggressive creditors. $250
15. Red low-lights $40
16. Membership to Villaris $60/mo
17. save some in case I don't get a job this summer and have to live on the street $5000
18. Snowshoes $>$100 for both Isaac and me
19. TATTOO on my right calf of a peacock or some flowers. $250

I know I'll think of more.


Katie said...

20. Sonicare brush replacements. Holy crap, those are so expensive!!

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