Monday, February 20, 2006

How old does one have to be to remember this?

I remember this theme song, but I can't remember what the show was about...

And I LOVE this Sesame Street clip (it WAS Sesame Street, right?) - but the one I remember was a little different. This one has a Yellow Submarine and a Beatle head in it...does anyone know if this is the original or a remix?

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Anonymous said...


Hi! I totally remember both videos. My co-worker Chad, who is 32, remembers the "Today's Special" graphics but not the music; I remember both. But I don't remember the show! Was it a skit show with those four characters? And I loved the Sesame Street one; they had another video on that show with a ball in a contraption, that turns out to be a gumball? And I loved that. Probably why I liked the game "Mousetrap!" Huggies, W