Tuesday, February 07, 2006

And now for something completely different...

Here is a list of things that gross me out.

1. Public restrooms, especially when people forget to flush. Wow, people, how can you forget to do that? Especially when there is a great turd lying in the bowl? I avoid public restrooms whenever possible. Isaac has inherited this habit, and refuses to poop anywhere but in our own home bathroom. He's a very normal child.

2. Eggs, and people who eat them. Don't get me wrong - I understand that eggs are an essential ingredient to delicacies like cake, cookies and other confections. What grosses me out is when people crack an egg and fry/scramble/poach it and then eat it just like that. The smell alone is enough to make me gag.

3. Meat is very gross. Especially meat that is still attached to a bone. It's a piece of dead animal people! Hamburger is ground up muscle, fat and connective tissue! Bleck!

4. Why do people use their tongues to moisten the adhesive on envelopes or stamps? Convenience? Chances are I will have to touch that with my finger while I am opening it. I don't want your slobber all over my finger! Use a sponge, a wet napkin, anything but your tongue.

5. Speaking of slobber - what is with those people who allow their dogs to lick their faces? Would you allow me to come up and lick your face in greeting? Gross! I had a friend whose dog used to eat cow pies and then my friend would allow this dog to lick her face. Oh, the horror.


Zeenat said...

You don't like eggs?!!! How could you not like eggs!!?? They are my favorite!!!! ;-)

sweet lizzy said...

Hey, how 'bout a new post in the next um...decade?

Amy said...

No face-licking, huh? Then I have to tell about the morning when Phyllis was a puppy, and I was lying in bed half-awake, and I yawned with eyes closed, arms spread wide . . . and curious little Phyllis stuck her entire snout in my mouth. Bleargh! What a way to start the day.

We don't generally allow her or Dottie to lick our faces, but Phyllis especially is a bit of a kissing bandit . . . they consider it extra points if they can get us on the lips!

And I do love eggs over easy, eaten bite by bite on wheat toast with a nice big glass of OJ . . . then mop up the yolk with what toast is left (if you've done it right!).