Monday, November 22, 2004

GRE'ed out.

I've been tested. I have now completed one of the requirements for admission to phd programs across the country. And I'm proud to say that I kicked some math ass. So here's to you Mr.'s Borud and Weatherwax, my HS math teachers that I drove crazy with comments like "When will I EVER use this in real life?", and to my dad, who showed me that finding the volume of a cylinder really isn't THAT hard.

After my test, I found myself rather bewildered (after having seen my surprisingly good math score and surprisingly bad English score) and alone on the streets of Dhaka. Freedom at last. No 4 year old, no 40 year old, just me with a bag full of taka and no place to go. So I called up my buddy Tanya ( and we met for lunch. Yep, I told that rickshaw wallah where to take me, and he did. No problem. After a feast of bel puri (outstanding, must have more), garlic naan (to die for) and veggie curry with panir (kinda jhal but good), we strolled over to the Gulshan market where I blew some more takas on useless lumps of plastic that Isaac pines for (pokemon figures). She took me to visit BRAC (it's huge and kindof messy), and then we went to this really amazing little ice cream place, ingested more empty calories, and then I managed to get home without getting fondled, mugged, or kidnapped. It was a great day.

I am now going to ceremoniously discard my pile of study cards with vocabulary words scribbled on them, stack up my GRE study books to pass on to the next poor soul who needs them, and move on with my life. For it is good.

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