Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Grad school = mediocre grades

Yesterday I was trying to explain to Isaac why I had to get my reading done (instead of playing Bionicles with him). I told him that I already got two eights out of ten on the weekly exam for my theory class, and I missed one completely when grandpa died, and I got a nine last week, so I'm officially in the A/B range for this class. I then had to explain that an A/B is not good enough to be an A and not bad enough to be a B.

Then I did something that was probably not my smartest parenting move: I asked him what grade I get as a mom.

He hesitated. For a long time.

A/B. He gave me an A/B. I totally deserve an A/B, but not because of lack of trying - it's just that I don't have enough time. Same problem with my theory class.

But then he said, "I'd rather have you than an A mom, though."

I guess I can handle my mediocrity as long as he still picks me over the A moms. And who knows, maybe next semester will be easier?

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