Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I get by.

Some people save their dedications for their dissertations. I figure if I wait that long, my dedication page will be longer than the actual dissertation. So let's break it up into chunks.

I hereby dedicate this semester to my wonderful friends. Without you, I am sure I would have taken a leave of absence from grad school, and who knows how long THAT would last. I need to be here, with all of you, doing exactly what I'm doing.

~Not in any particular order. Seriously.

GH - I can't even write one for you because I'm really sad that you graduated. (I mean yay! I'm happy for you!)

RS - for a complex, chat-heavy relationship - you've certainly helped me refine my arguments and maybe stop using such "broad brushstrokes". and the public shoulder was exactly what I needed.

CS - to think it all began with a white board protest. the cinnamon rolls. tarot and sage. I'm so glad.

MN - you were with me on that most important day. I was so grateful to have you there. I didn't tell you this but I might have chickened out if I had gone alone.

EM - you have no idea that I secretly take you to the grocery store because it keeps Isaac entertained and therefore more bearable for me. It's a total win-win.

MD - I can't believe you were able to make me laugh when I was feeling so bad. It saved me.

PM - there are certain things that can only be discussed with a sister.

AE - that cloud analogy is the best therapy I've ever had, my rabbi.

HA - is it weird that we're such good friends? I don't think so. we're gonna be visiting each other around the world from now on.

IB - you know you're my idol, mostly because you are comfortable with who you are. that makes you confident. i feel honored that you trust me with your girls and your friendship.


heather said...

I got choked up. Not just for my dedication, for everyone's! Friends are the best. They've saved my life for sure. Many times.

I like this post.

Ms. Non Sequitur said...

I LOVE YOU! You are a superstar!