Monday, October 15, 2007

KT Zaman, Rock Star

I don't know how it got started, but somehow I created the notion in my son's head that I used to be a kick ass rock star. He believes the tale and thinks it's cool. Over the past few years, the myth has grown as more and more specifics are added to the story. Tonight we watched "School of Rock" and Isaac decided that he wants to learn to play guitar (oh yes!) and he wants me to teach him how to be a rock star. He also wants to learn one of my "songs" and he wanted to know if I have any friends who are famous rock stars.

Have I gone too far? Is this beyond the benign lies of childhood like Santa Clause? Because I don't wanna crush his belief that his mom was an awesome rocker. When he finally realizes that it was all a lie, will he hate me?


Lisa said...

Uh oh... I'd probably tell him you were joking around... or tell him by rockstar you meant that you played in high school band or a garage band and when you said rockstar, you may have been exaggerating a bit? I don't think he'll hate you, but I think the sooner you tell him, the better.

Page said...

Don't tell him ever! EVER!

Jess said...

You're in the clear until he has a fight about this with one of his friends. Once one of his friends says, "Your mom wasn't a rock star, stupid." and he stands up for you and says you were- after that finding out it isn't true will make him feel like his friend was right about everything- inclufing the stupid part- and it will feel like a betrayal.