Monday, September 24, 2007

The Amazing Story of Fabulous Mike's Fabulous Shirt.

My friend Mike is really cool, and I don't think he knows it. That's part of what contributes to his coolness. He is in the Development Studies program with me, has been in the Peace Corps, speaks fluent Spanish, and is generally fun to hang out with. He's very droll.

A few weeks ago I noticed that Mike was wearing an unusual shirt. It was a short sleeved button down number that had these little flags all over it. And the collar was super wide. I remember thinking to myself, "Mike's shirt is rad." About a week after that, Mike came to a party at the Union and he was wearing the shirt. I decided to express my approval of the garment. That's when I heard the Amazing Story of Fabulous Mike's Fabulous Shirt.

It turns out that the shirt belonged to Mike's grandfather, who was actually in the secret service. It gets better. Mike's grandpa was a part of a US delegation to the founding meeting of the Alliance for Progress in 1961 in Punta del Este, Uruguay. He was the only Spanish speaking member of the delegation. Guess who he hung out with at the conference?

Way cool shirt, Mike. Way cool.


idadele said...

ooh, ooh, I know, I know!

idadele said...

where's the pic of the shirt? didn't you take one?

Katie said...

Gina has one on her cell phone. Gina, how do I get that off your cell phone?

Ms. Non Sequitur said...

YEAH where's the picture of the shirt? That's what I was gonna say. Come on, you know I don't know how to use my cell phone! :) I'll see if Hobnob can get it off. The picture of the phone that is :)