Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I forgot to tell you... my post-emotional trauma fog yesterday that Masud came to Wisconsin to recuperate. He flew in on Saturday, and when I picked him up from the airport I was really scared. He's not a big guy to begin with, but he must have dropped at least 15 pounds since I last saw him a few weeks ago, and his face looked old. His boss told him to stay until he feels better. After a few days of my cooking (yeah, I do it once in a while) and lots of rest, and lots of Isaac-kisses, he is looking great. As a matter of fact, he cooked his own duck curry yesterday. He got his blood drawn today to check for any Dengue disasters, but I think he's on the mend.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported me through this. Every single call, email, comment, thought, whatever, meant so much to me and I'm so lucky to have such great friends!

Now, I must catch up on my blog-reading. I have not visited Bitch Ph.D. for over a month. The horror.

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Shefa said...

Aww... I'm glad he feels better. :)