Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Update your blog!

I'm busy, okay??
Here's a list.

1) Walmart has made a "marketing decision" to stop selling guns in a third of its stores. I particularily love the last line of the article that I linked to in that last sentence...

But the National Rifle Association said it was concerned people in rural areas, where Wal-Mart may be the only vendor, may no longer have access to guns.

Yeah. People have no access to HEALTH CARE, but we better make sure they have guns. I like to buy a gun every Tuesday, dammit, and I wouldn't want to have to drive all the way to the big city to do it.

2) I love Easter for the candy, but I hate jelly beans. Except "Brachs Tropical Flavored Jelly Bird Eggs". Mmmm, the purple ones are sooooo good.

3) Isaac and I are reading a great book called "The Tale of Despereaux" every night. I highly recommend it for kids of all ages.

4) After I read 3-4 chapters out of "Despereaux", I read (out-loud) a few chapters from a book called "Naked Economics". It puts Isaac to sleep in about 2 minutes (he does listen though!) and I'm learning a lot about the financial world. Economics rocks.

5) I've been having economically-related dreams lately where I'm teaching a class on economics and I have no idea what the hell I'm talking about.

6) Ice Age 2 is great. There are two swear words..."Ass" and "Damn". What if Isaac says those words in Kindergarten? The horror.

7) Some guy with an Indian (Pakistani?) accent just called me saying he was from Verizon, and offered me a package deal to get 12 Indian channels for $55 a month. I could see Indian Idol! But then I would have to stop buying my lunch and that would suck.

8) Apparently Isaac had a picture day a few weeks ago at school and I completely forgot about it. He brought home the proofs in his backpack today, and his hair is completely uncombed, he is wearing a stained sweatshirt, and I think there is a smudge of jelly on his chin. Mother of the year, here I come!


Maddie's Nannie said...

I'll never forget the opening quote in my econ book back in college: "If I had but one day to live, I'd choose to spend it in an economics class because it would seem so much longer." I, however, found the subject pretty interesting.

Lori said...

Tales of Despereaux is a great book. I haven't read it out loud to Isaac yet, but I read it myself. He is really into the Magic Treehouse and Jigsaw Jones books.

Were you in Mankato recently? I could swear that I saw you leaving the River Hills movie theater. But I thought you might think I was crazy if I ran up and interupted your family and said hi when you don't even really know me.


Odbhut Ae Meyeti said...

Hey ...just wanted to tell you're looking cool in the picture...The shari really matched..

Nice blog :)