Monday, November 14, 2005

A Messy House

Here is what I am dealing with - we have to paint the walls before we can put in the floor, and we have to put in the floor before we put stuff away. So it's a mess in here. To prove it, here are some pictures.

The living room is a dark chocolate brown. Very yummy. I need to install some lights eventually, but it's coming out nicely.

Isaac's room is DONE - even the floor is in! He loves it. He's a neat freak and the messiness in the rest of the house was driving him bananas.

We chose a color called "Greench" for our office. It's a celery green. We have started calling this "The Kermit Room".

Our bedroom will be the last to be finished, since it will require taking apart our mammoth bed. I thought I wanted to paint it blue, but I'm sick of blue. Now I'm considering grey - I think I need a muted color to go with my bright wall hangings. Any advice?

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Zeenat said...

Isaac! You cool dude! That is a rad room!! ;-)