Saturday, October 15, 2005

Brief Hiatus

Last post from Minnesota!

Since my DSL will be cut off momentarily and I'll be consumed with unpacking for the next few days (weeks, years?), my next post may be delayed.

Masud is here for the weekend. Most of everything we own is crammed into our living room and kitchen, since I'm trying to have the rest of the house nice and clean before we leave. It's causing some familial strife, and reminds me of that Sex and the City episode where Aiden has moved all of his boxes into Carrie's apartment and they have a fight about it. During a particularily tense spousal conversation, Masud said, "There is just too much stuff to deal with in this family!" I wasn't sure if he was talking about material posessions or emotional baggage, or both. Whatever he meant, I know we are both looking forward to having a normal life and living together as a family again someday soon.

In other news, my brother made is safely to the other side of the world, and is enjoying a good time with his girlfriend. When I asked him how China was, he said "There are a lot of Chinese people here." Sigh.

And, of course since I am busy for the first time in months, I just now happened to find a great book to read - one of those that I have to force myself to put down so that I can finish doing important things. Although I'm usually skeptical of Oprah's book club selections, I had to pick up "A Million Tiny Pieces" by James Frey. Let me tell you, it's a doozey. It's an autobiographical account of his experiences in rehab. I won't reveal too much, but there is a part where he has to get a double root canal, and since he's in rehab, he can't have ANY ANESTHESIA. Not even one little shot. I almost threw up when I read it.

Well, back to staring helplessly at piles of junk and eating kitkats to sustain myself.

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Sharon said...

Mmmm...Kit Kats....

Moving is tough. Lots of stress involved. I sympathize!

Hang in there. It can also be a time for great optimism and excitement. Once you get around all the boxes :)